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Prolonged Exposure for PTSD

DBT-PE (Prolonged Exposure) is a treatment created by expert researcher Dr. Melanie Harned.  While training under Dr. Marsha Linehan, Dr. Harned found that addressing PTSD symptoms earlier in treatment provided the best outcomes.  This is accomplished by conducting PE within the framework of a DBT program.  Clients continue to address emotional and behavioral issues that result from chronic emotion dysregulation while concurrently addressing symptoms of BPD.  Before the advent of DBT-PE, clients were asked to wait until their suicidality, substance abuse and self-harm disappeared before beginning PTSD treatment, which seemed to prolong client suffering.  The average length of DBT-PE is 15 sessions lasting 60-90 minutes sessions each.  These sessions are scheduled in addition to the standard DBT protocol of 90-minute skills group and 45-minute individual DBT therapy sessions.

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