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DBT Certification

Process of DBT Certification

DBT certification is a rigorous process that ensures the highest fidelity to the treatment.  Clinicians are asked to attend a minimum of 10 days of formal training with a Behavioral Tech DBT expert consultant, participate in mindfulness practices, be a member of an active consultation team of DBT trained therapists, take a standardized written exam, and submit several video sessions along with a case conceptualization to a member of Dr. Marsha Linehan’s Behavioral Tech team (creator of DBT) who then codes these submissions for adherence.  This process is rigorous to ensure clients receive the treatment as intended, since evidence supports the efficacy of treatment that is highly faithful to the model.

DBT Adherence Matters

Many clinicians have attended one to two day trainings in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and consider themselves “trained.”  This is a problem because clients will believe they are getting comprehensive DBT and then become disheartened when the therapy does not meet their expectations, i.e. it does not decrease their problem behaviors or suicidality.  At MiMo Psychotherapy Group we are committed to doing comprehensive DBT because on-going research on DBT informed versus adherent DBT demonstrates that adherence matters in cases of more severe issues.  While some clients find DBT informed therapy helpful, those struggling with issues that are more severe in nature  often require comprehensive DBT.  DBT informed therapy is something we offer after a thorough intake evaluation rules out the need for comprehensive DBT. 


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