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DBT for Adolescents & Children

DBT - Adolescent

Our teen DBT counseling program offers two DBT groups and separate, concurrent parent groups to help facilitate change.  One teen group is catered to middle school age and younger teens while the other group is catered to older high school students to ensure that the group content is age appropriate.  Parent groups, while not required, are strongly encouraged.  We also welcome parents interested in only attending parent group if their child is not yet ready or unable to attend our DBT teen program.


Parents and adolescents learn the same standard DBT skills curriculum although the pace is quicker and more informal in the parent group to provide parents with more time for feedback from the parent group skills leader.  Many parents find the group to be both supportive and informative. 

DBT - Child

Created by Dr. Francheska Perepletchikova from Dr. Linehan’s Behavioral Tech team, DBT for children requires modifications from the standard adult and adolescent models of DBT treatment in that there is more intensive work with cultivating parent skills.  We provide a parent skills group as well as individual parent coaching sessions depending on what is needed.  Family sessions are carefully timed with individual psychoeducation in order to promote new ways of relating and avoid getting stuck in unhelpful family dynamic patterns.

MiMo Psychotherapy Group Charleston Office

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